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Anti Inflammatory Oil (net 0.26oz)

Anti Inflammatory Oil (net 0.26oz)

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It does not contain any AHA and salicylic acid.

The product does not cause thinner skin.
It is rich in Omega-7, a rare "gold in oil" in nature,
which has strong antibacterial activity to fight against inflammation,
repair the skin and mucous membranes, and help wound to heal.

Repair inflamed skin, help with wound healing and deal with stubborn blackheads and acnes.

Fir inflamed skin area: apply a thin layer of product on the acne/blackheads. Use it for multiple times everyday.

Blackheads/ acnes: After the nighttime skincare routine, apply a thin layer of product on the blackheads and acnes. Clean the skin as usual in the morning.

** the color of the oil product is relatively dark. Be aware of the light color bed sheets or clothes being colored.

[Gentle Reminder]
‧All handmade products will have slight differences in color,scent and texture
‧Subtle adjustment will be made to cater for weather changed
‧If you are sensitive to any ingredients in this product, please consult a doctor doctor first
‧Please keep in cool and dry place,avoid driect sunlight

*No(Fragrance/Chemical Paraben/MIT/SLS/Amodimethicone/Steroid/Silicon/Tear-free/Alcohol)
*Natural Products/Cruelty free/Vegan product

Jojoba Golden Virgin Oil * (Simmondsiachinensis)
Sea Buckthorn Virgin Oil * (Hippophaerhamnoides)
Rosehip Oil * (Rosa eglanteria)
Neem Oil (Azadirachta indica)
Frankincense Essential Oil * (Boswelliacarterii)
Lavandin Essential Oil * (Lavandula hybrid var. grosso)
Palmarosa Essential Oil (Cymbopogon martinii)
Rosemary Antioxidant (Rosmarinusofficinalis)

* Certified Organic
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