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Tenshi no gauze 33*80cm

Tenshi no gauze 33*80cm

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Pattern and Colour

“Tenshi No Gauze,” meaning angel’s gauze towel, pursues the ultimate kindness to the skin with superior gentleness and comfort.

A gauze towel with exceptional blessings from heavens and the delicacy and gentleness of cotton, "Tenshi" gauze.
The inner double layer weft is made of non-twist yarn with fine thread on both sides.
The gauze is a 4-ply gauze towel with firm volume.
The gauze part that touches the skin has a delicate softness of fine cotton thread.
Inner double layer non-twist yarn creates a plump and soft texture.
Smooth and non-sticky, thin yet absorbent.
Especially suitable for dermatitis patients and babies.


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